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“Dr Stef’s Sidesplitting Hypnosis” is an informative, amazing, extreme, fast-paced show. You can expect wacky reactions from those who volunteer to put themselves under Stef’s ‘spell’. For over 23 years Stef has made billionaire Arab sheiks, Springbok rugby players at product launches, supermodels on cruise ships and men in kilts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and hundreds of South Africans ‘sleep’. The show is a highly entertaining journey into the world of the subconscious.

The show starts with Stef explaining hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He then asks for volunteers, no one is pressurised or chosen to be on stage. After a rapid induction subjects are transformed into being rock stars, washing machines, famous people, headmasters, ballet dancers and even eating onions believing them to be apples! Stef makes subjects feel exceptional on stage, while still being wonderfully amusing, as they become the starts of the show.

Stef feels honoured to hypnotise volunteers, so at the end of the show he asks them to choose the change(s) they want in their lives. This may be to stop smoking, lose weight, be more confident, sleep better, and forget a negative experience or person from the past. Through the power of hypnosis Stef then effects, positive change for every volunteer.

Ideally, the show is 45mins to 1hr 20, but can be up to 2 hours including an interval... it's your choice. Ideal for corporate and private functions, product launches, fundraisers, festivals or any other social event. Audiences can be from as small as 40 to as large as 12000 people. Stef writes a custom show for every performance, so the show is always fresh, fun and unique.

Choose Stef for your next company event. The response from staff and guests enjoying the performance will speak for itself. “Sidesplitting Hypnosis” makes any evening a triumph - so don’t take any chances, choose entertainment you can rely on.

If you are still unsure if this show is suitable for your function, ask someone who has seen it!

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