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“In the end only kindness matters”

Belgian born, raised in Johannesburg and fluent in 6 languages, Stef has visited nearly 100 countries. He has 8 years of university behind him (a BSc in Botany and Geology and a BCom in Economics and Business Economics).
His stage career started quite by accident, at university it was suggested he be a clown - he was 21 years old and Steffie the clown was ‘born’. With his boundless energy, Stef thrived at performing doing up to 9 hour-long clown shows in a single day and up to 110 clown shows a month. Before clown burnout, he decided to look into other comedy ideas.
Stef had been interested in psychology and the mind since adolescence, thus the progression from clown to hypnotist.  He studied hypnosis intensely, did courses and his show and hypnotherapy practice took off. He is not one to do things in half measures, and strongly believes that whatever you do, do it well! He is a natural entertainer and enjoys making people laugh. Dr Stef's Sidesplitting Hypnosis is consistently the best-selling one-man show at South Africa's National Arts Festival (the second largest fringe festival in the world).
Stef lives his life with the motto ‘in the end only kindness matters’. He strives to help people by doing good deeds, promoting respect for self and others and encouraging healthy living. With his insatiable energy, he lives life to the full and shares his vision on an informal basis and professionally in corporate motivational talks. His desire to help people facilitate positive change in their lives is also incorporated into his hypnotherapy practice either done on a one-to one basis or in groups.

He is passionate about travel and extreme sports, including paragliding (represented South Africa at the 2013 world Championships), Para motoring, kite surfing, off-road motorcycling and racing mountain bikes. He owns Parapax - Africa's original, largest and most reputable tandem paragliding company, and has done over 15 000 accident-free flights ( ?Other interests include physical and mental health, good cinema and non-fiction.

He lives with his partner Dr Tracy Kilborn in the outdoor paradise that is Cape Town, South Africa.


+27 (0) 72 045 8706+27 (0) 72 045 8706


In Cape Town, South Africa