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Over 7 million South Africans smoke. Of those, 70% would choose to quit right now if they could. Are you one of these? Maybe you would like to lose a few kilograms at the same time and be happier. This is possible in just 1 session.

Most important Question:

Do you REALLY want to stop smoking/loose weight/relax more/stop biting your nails?

If the answer to this is NOT a definite, sure and convicing (to yourself) YES, Then you are wasting your money and time and lowering my reputation. If however the answer is a resounding YES, then this will work for you!

How to stop:

Choose a fixed and non-negotiable date to give up. Stick to it. No matter what. Choose a date that suits you – 1st Jan, your birthday, next Monday etc.

Make an appointment with me for that day. Plan this thing.

Find out if you and/or your family have a history of depression. If so, let me know in advance.

Be really proud of the fact that you are giving up. Tell EVERYONE! Tell Family, friends, fellow workers, mentors and anyone you meet that you will be changing your life and tell them of the big day. Talking about it certainly helps.

Cut down. Seriously. Go as far as to note on a small pad every time that you smoke from now until the big day. Smoke only half of your cigarette and save the other half for next time. Limit yourself. Smoke the 1st of the day later in the morning and the last of the day much earlier. Help yourself to make it easier on yourself on the big day.

If you decide to stop in 20 days from today and you smoked 20 a day, then smoke exactly 18, 16, 14, on each sucessive day as you countdown to 0 on quitting day.

Understand and absorb the fact that on the big day you will be stopping “cold turkey”.

Start changing the habits that involve smoking – Smoky pubs you go to, people you hang out with that cause you to smoke a lot more, “smoke breaks”. Make it harder to have excuses to smoke.

Find a Support Person. Family, Friend, whoever is close enough to you to be able to seriously help you in a counseling and supportive way.

Find healthy alternatives every time you feel like smoking. Best is to drink a glass of water ever time you feel like lighting up. Part of the difficulty with stopping smoking is that your hands need to do something else. Play with a fruit – ANY fruit and then eat it. Even if you don’t like fruit, find a fruit you do like. You cant eat enough of the stuff. Convert. A diet change when quitting is very important. Lots of fruit and veg really help the process. Fruit and veg are wonder foods. Rub your ear lobes every time you even so much as consider smoking. Your earlobes are the acupuncture points for stopping smoking.

Once you have stopped smoking, there will never be “just 1 cigarette” again. This is the most common way that people start again. Be conscious of this.

Benefits when you have quit:

You will become healthy. Relatively much healthier (both mentally and physically) than you have been in a long while.

You will save money. A lot of it. Think where that money can then be spent.

You will gain enormous social respect from all around you.

You will live a longer, more fulfilling life.

The benefits start from the first day:

Your blood pressure will drop significantly. After the first day, your blood pressure is close to normal. Your pulse will drop too. Your hands and feet will be warmer.

You will already feel the positive effect.

Within a week:

Your sense of taste and smell will return. WOW! You missed that while smoking!

Your blood pressure and pulse will be right back to normal.

You will be much less short of breath.

Within 3 months:

Your blood pressure and pulse will be right back to normal.

Circulation and blood flow will have been dramatically improved.

Ability to exercise will be better.

Remember….. Ask yourself if you really want this and if you truly want to stop smoking.

Only then call me.


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